Our Team

The Ohio Revised Code provides that the Conservancy Court, comprised of one common pleas court judge from each of the counties in the Conservancy District, shall exercise the jurisdiction conferred by Chapter 6101 of the Ohio Revised Code (also known as the Conservancy Act). The Conservancy Court appoints the members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Appraisers (upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors).

Conservancy Court Judges

The Honorable Judge Thomas M. Marcelain, Licking County

The Honorable Judge Tina M. Boyer, Perry County

The Honorable Judge Richard E. Berens, Fairfield  County


  • Kevin Elder, Chair
  • Daniel Blatter, Vice Chair
  • Linda Nicodemus

Secretary / Treasurer


Supporting Local Government Agencies: 

Licking County Commissioners

Duane H. Flowers, Rick Black, Timothy E. Bubb

Fairfield County Commissioners

Steve Davis, David L. Levacy, Jeff Fix

Perry County Commissioners

Derek Householder, Ben Carpenter, Scott Owen